MonstIR is a Brand Name and Trademark of SteppIR Corporation

The fact that I needed a new antenna system became really apparent during the 2003 San Diego Cedar Fires where my then existing antenna systems just did not work.  On September 29, 2004, Dr. Don Compton, KG6NDX and I were invited to address the San Diego County Counsel on the failure of the government communications and the vital role we Hams  played in saving lives during the 2003  Fire Storms. California Forestry Department Battalion Chief Murphey stated that the only  reliable emergency communication in the county, if not the state, is that provided by Amateur Radio. Everything else is prone to failure. 

And yet there I was with only dipoles at 38' which blocked by the terrain. Who knows how many more lives could have been saved if we had had better communications?  

Its been twenty years since I last had a beam on a tower.... so after 20 years of agony with a dipole, I decided that I really needed the best antenna money could buy so that I could provide San Diego with a vital amateur radio emergency station. 

After far too much research into antenna systems, I decided on the SteppIR design. which is effectively a monobander on every I never use 40 M except for Emergency Communications but when they announced a 40 M version, I had to have it.. you never know.. I might just start working 40M for something other than emergency traffic... I decided on the SteppIR MonstIR which is 3 Elements on 40M and 30M, 4 Elements on 20M, 17M, 15M, 12M and 10M and 6 Elements on 6M.  

I have always loved the excitement and challenge of working on the "Bleeding Edge" of Technology.  It is an incredible feeling to be the first human to ever solve a problem....I know, I have been there a few times in my life...So I ordered the MonstIR in March 2004 before they had ever built one...  I was on the list to get unit #2 off the assembly line.

... But in fact, I got MonstIR #1.  - Yes, you heard it.. I got the first MonstIR ever shipped.

The MonstIR Project photo shoots are at   for the tower base construction
Erecting the 85" Crank Up Tower  for the tower raising
MonstIR #1 Arrives 2.15.05    First Impressions - Wow is this thing BUILT!
Pictures of the New Arrival   First MonstIR#1  Photo Shoot
MonstIR #1 - Installation Step #1-Planning     Discussion of how we are going to put it up
MonstIR #1 Installation - Step 2 - Wiring Harness  Discussion of the Wiring Harness
MonstIR #1 Installation Step - 2.5 - More Wiring Harness  More on the Wiring Harness
MonstIR#1 Wiring Harness Update  Photos Shoot of the Wiring Harness and Controller
MonstIR #1 Installation Step 2.5 - Eureka It Works  How I tested the Harness
Rain Rain GO AWAY! - TEST MODE QUESTIONS  Rain and the La Jolla Landslides - TEST MODE QUESTIONS
MonstIR #1 Installation Step#3 - Read the Manual  The Manual finally arrives
Halt the MonstIR is UP  Photo Shoot - Construction of the First Half of the Beam
Completing the Project   Photo Shoot - Final Assembly of the Beam

 My MonstIR Project is inspired by Chaz Cone's W4GKF excellent installation of the 3 Element SteppIR